10 do’s and don’ts of honeymoon planning

10 do’s and don’ts of honeymoon planning

 After months of planning a wedding, the honeymoon can be the sweet relief you need, and a chance to relax and enjoy the company of your new spouse. But there are a few things to keep in mind when planning your honeymoon.

Here’s 10 tips on what to do and what not to do when planning a honeymoon.


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Don’t: Let the photographs fool you

Seek the help of a travel professional, or read reviews from people who have been there before. There are misleading promotional images out there, and you don’t want to fall victim to that and be disappointed when you arrive! Book through a reputable website or agent you can trust.

Do: Consider a honeymoon gift registry

The wedding can be a bit of a financial drain if you are paying for it yourself, so consider looking into options to set up a honeymoon gift registry. This means guests can buy you things like spa treatments, helicopter tours, or romantic dinners to enjoy at your destination. Alternatively, you can set up a wishing well and inform guests their contributions will go towards paying for your honeymoon.


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Don’t: Plan your honeymoon by yourself

This is a holiday where the opinions of both parties are equal and should be heard. You may share a lot of things in life and values, but holiday destinations may not be one of them. While you might want to go cruising and spend each day at a different destination, your partner might prefer to find a secluded place in a tropical rainforest where you can disconnect entirely from the world and not be surrounded by other people all day. Talk it over with one another before launching into planning.

Do: Book special activities in advance

If you have your heart set on a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the desert, or a couples massage at an exclusive day spa, don’t wait until you get to your destination and potentially miss out on the experience. Book ahead and rest assured you will get to cross those things off your bucket list.


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Don’t: Head off too soon after the wedding

Traditionally, the honeymoon starts the moment your final guests leave the reception, but experts recommend waiting at least 24 to 48 hours before heading off to your honeymoon destination. This is so you can have time to wind down from the huge wedding day and so you won’t have the added stress of meeting travel deadlines, like getting to the airport or cruise terminal so soon after the wedding.

Do: Ask for honeymoon specials

As the saying goes: if you do not ask, you do not get. When booking elements of your honeymoon, ask if they offer any special or additional touches for honeymooners. You might be surprised at the special upgrades or freebies you can get.


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Don’t: Plan an intense itinerary

Adventure can be fun and exciting, but make sure you find the delicate balance with relaxation as well. You will need some time to combat the wedding exhaustion.

Do: Check the weather

A quick online search will give you an indication if your destination is set to experience anything out of the ordinary, like unseasonably hot weather, a cold snap, or (gasp) bucketloads of rain during your honeymoon. This will ensure you are prepared when you get there and not left with light summer clothes when it’s blowing a gale and raining.


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Don’t: Forget the medical side

If you are travelling to more exotic locations, ensure you research which immunisations are needed. Make sure you get them well before both your wedding day and your honeymoon to ensure they give you adequate protection.

Do: Consider the ratio of travel time versus holiday time

Everyone wants their holidays to last forever, but it can be a real downer to spend 36 hours travelling there and back when you are only spending a week at your chosen destination. If you are flying halfway around the world, consider extending your honeymoon to ensure you are well relaxed before you have to head back to reality.


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How to get the best results from your wedding vendors

How to get the best results from your wedding vendors

They are the team you have chosen to help you plan and execute your wedding day! Wedding vendors do seem to be equipped with super powers at times, but it still pays to remember how to look after them and ensure they can help you to achieve your dream wedding.

Your vendors will come equipped with a wealth of experience and will be able to support and even guide you, if necessary, through your planning process. Here are some tips on how to get the best results from your team.

wedding vendors

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Talk about budget

First things first, you will need to lock down money matters before any of the fun stuff can begin.

Chances are, it was all laid out on the table when you were doing your research to select a vendor, but if you find that you have fallen in love with a particular vendor and you cannot replicate them in a lower price bracket, you can contact them to see if there are any other options on the table to cut costs to fit your budget.

You do need to remember that this is their livelihood, so asking them to cut their hourly rate simply isn’t fair, but if there is a possibility of hiring less equipment or coming up with a different styling solution that is within your budget and allows you to bring to life the vision you had in mind, the vendor is the best person to advise whether that is possible.

You don’t know until you ask! You might be pleasantly surprised and able to negotiate an arrangement that is a win-win for everyone.

wedding vendors

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Like any business meeting, you don’t just show up and wing it.

Although your first meeting with your vendor will be more about getting to know them, take along some photos, colour combinations and style ideas that you love so you can begin to work on a concept together from the very start.

If you really are devoid of ideas, a quick flick through the Easy Weddings real weddings blog will be sure to give you a basic idea of what you like and don’t like, which is always a good place to begin.

wedding vendors

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Wedding vendors are many things, but they certainly aren’t psychic and can’t anticipate which decisions you will make – so you need to give them guidance.

One of the easiest ways to keep everyone in the loop is to create a wedding website, where you can have a schedule and contact details for all of your vendors. You can also use this as a central point where you can add notes and other useful information about your wedding theme.

Vendors will want to contact you to clarify and confirm aspects of the wedding that they are assisting you with.

If you don’t want to hold up proceedings and aren’t readily contactable during the day, provide them with an alternate number for someone who is well in the loop with your plans. It could be your fiance, wedding planner or maid of honour.

Also bear in mind that vendors will work weekends and are often busy preparing for events throughout the week, not sitting behind their computer dedicated to answering emails. So don’t get upset if it takes them 24 hours to get back to you for something that is not urgent.

wedding vendors

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Accepting advice of the professional

Your vendor may have experienced dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of weddings, so it’s safe to say that they know what they are talking about and can give you sound advice.

Even if it might contradict what you had in mind, take the advice of these professionals on board and weigh up the pros and cons before dismissing it off the bat.

wedding vendors

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Ask for referrals

Once you have one or two vendors locked in, you can tap into their wealth of knowledge of who’s who in the industry and ask them to recommend other vendors for you.

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising and if a seasoned professional recommends someone else, chances are they have worked with them before (perhaps numerous times) and can vouch for the quality of their work.

Wedding vendors

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Feed them

It really is a courtesy thing to make sure that the vendors who are going to be spending the majority, if not all, of the day with you will be fed and well-hydrated.

Some venues will offer discounted meals for vendors so they can keep up their energy and sustain their great level of service for you throughout the day.

wedding vendors

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Trust your vendors

If you are usually an independent person who likes to have everything under control, you will quickly realise that being across everything on your big day is going to be not only impossible but take away from the magic of enjoying YOUR big day.

It can be hard to let go of the reigns, but finding vendors that you can trust implicitly will ensure everything will run smoothly for you without the stress.

wedding vendors


Wedding horror stories you won’t believe

Wedding horror stories you won’t believe

No matter how much planning goes into weddings, there’s always the risk a rogue guest will ruin it somewhat. While there’s no avoiding awkward moments, here’s some horror stories to cover all bases of what can happen at weddings.

wedding horror stories

Finger Lickin’ Good catering

Reddit user BlueWukong attended a wedding where the caterer failed to provide quality food. So, as Plan B, the marrying couple mass ordered KFC chicken for their guests. While everyone was horrified, BlueWukong himself loved the substitution because after all, who doesn’t enjoy some KFC?

wedding horror stories

I don’t know about you, but I kind of like this idea | See our reputable caterers here

Proposal at wedding

Reddit user RealDiggerHours vented about his brother hijacking his wedding to propose to his girlfriend. To make matters worse, the couple then tried to convince the pastor to marry them that very day. Choose your timing wisely, people!

wedding horror stories

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Faux Flower Girls

Reddit user Apostasism allowed her husband’s coworker to bring his two young daughters to her wedding. Apparently, they had been to weddings before and knew the ins and outs of wedding etiquette. What nobody expected, however, was the two little girls to turn up in flower girl dresses and act as part of the bridal party. The girls even photobombed the wedding photoshoot, until someone had to ask them to remove themselves. Flower girls are cute – but only when you’ve actually chosen them yourselves.

wedding horror stories

“Who owns the child behind me?” | Actually have a flower girl? Find her dress here!

Wedding day photoshoot

A reddit user (whose account has since been deleted) recalled a friend’s wedding. The groom’s sister, who was acting as ‘best man’, wore a dress that could’ve easily been mistaken for a bridal gown, if it were white instead of grey. She was due to get married the month after, and decided to skimp on wedding photography costs for her own wedding by simply using her brother’s photographer at his wedding. The idea was to ramp up the white balance on the dress on photoshop afterwards. Voila – free photography.

wedding horror stories

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Dry wedding

Reddit user Mkizys attended a dry wedding that, unfortunately, was only dry for the guests. The entire bridal party proceeded to get hammered in the limo before the reception, and still enforce the ‘no alcohol’ ban for everyone else. Guests were kicked out if suspected of drinking since the bride didn’t want drunks ruining her wedding… Go figure ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

wedding horror stories

Fine, I’ll go drink at the pub by myself

Iceland incest

Lamnad described his disgust when attending a wedding in Iceland. Apparently, Iceland has a very small gene pool and it’s common to query whether you’re seeing someone you’re actually related to. At this particular wedding, the mother of the groom feared the bride was related to them, and so stood up and objected during the ceremony. A groomsman had to rush to the bride’s mother’s house, fetch the family Bible (which, in this culture, is traditionally used to record the family tree), and prove that the bride and groom weren’t related before the objector would actually allow the ceremony to continue. Probably something you’d check before the wedding day, right?

wedding horror stories

This is the image suggested for ‘incest’… Just roll with it

Amputee surprise

A reddit user described his shock when his mother arrived at their wedding ceremony having had both legs amputated. Apparently, she had failed to tell her own child this minor detail, and it made for some very awkward moments with the non wheelchair-friendly venue.

Must have slipped my mind…

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10 tiered alternatives to wedding cakes

10 tiered alternatives to wedding cakes

If you’re a non-traditional bride who’s on the look out for twists to the classics, then an alternative wedding “cake” might be perfect for your taste. After all, why settle for a traditional cake when you can go for something uniquely yours?

Here are some creative ways to combine your quirkiness and your favorite dessert!

Brownie tower

Tiered desserts non-traditional cake

Image: Paisley Cakes

Fall in love with brownies all over again with this moist, chocolatey tower! This dessert shop knows how to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Cheese “cake”

Tiered desserts non-traditional cake

Image: Marks and Spencer

If you aren’t much of a sweet tooth and rather want it cheesy, then this cake is the perfect alternative!



Fancy a macaron?

Fan of this quaint French dessert? One Last Bite specializes in French Macarons and they can plate them in pretty tiers like this.


Image: Creative Hunger

Image: Creative Hunger See more here

Need we say more? This non-traditional cake tastes as good as it looks!

Mini desserts

Tiered desserts non-traditional cake

Image: One Last Bite

Layers of petite desserts like this look fantastic and are perfect for guests who would like to take theirs home!

Pieces of pie

Tiered desserts non-traditional cake

Image: Jose Villa

There are those brides who would go for pies anytime of the day. If you’re one of them, have this dessert shop make tiered pies for your big day!

High-rise donuts

Tiered desserts non-traditional cake

Image: Krispy Kreme

Boardwalk Catering creatively serves donuts that would fit your one-of-a-kind wedding day!

Tiered cupcakes

Tiered desserts non-traditional cake

Image: Heather Scharf Photography

Why choose one when you can have all your favorite cupcake flavors as your wedding cake?

Cotton candy dream

Tiered desserts non-traditional cake

Image: Johnny Miller

For a whimsical wedding theme, try this eye candy for a wedding cake replacement.

Cookie cake

Tiered desserts non-traditional cake

Image: Katies Cakes and Cookies

Make sure you have hot milk ready when you serve this delicious masterpiece on your wedding day!


Seven secrets to a successful marriage

Seven secrets to a successful marriage

There is no doubt that your wedding is an amazing milestone for your relationship, but in the end it’s only one day in what will be the rest of your lives together. Here’s seven secrets to a successful marriage.

successful marriage

Your wedding is just the beginning – start planning today!

The reality

All of the time, money, and effort you put into celebrating the occasion with your friends and family is seen as “normal”. However, only 35% of couples invest time, effort, and maybe a little bit of money, into preparing themselves for marriage.

You’ve picked out the colour theme, the dress, and spent countless hours coordinating, researching, and contacting vendors to make your wedding day the best it can possibly be. It is a sign of the lifelong commitment you have with your partner. But while you field questions about what hairstyle you’ve chosen, how awesome your venue is, or what photos you will be trying to capture, have you spoken to your fiance about what’s going to happen once the presents have been opened and your honeymoon is over? How do you plan for a successful marriage past the wedding?

successful marriage

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It is so much nicer to sit down and talk about what flavour cake you’d like to eat at your wedding reception, but you should set aside some time where you and your fiance discuss the big picture of what your married life will look like. Will you continue in your chosen careers? Will you start a family? Will you join your bank accounts or keep them separate? You don’t need to spend hours talking about every little detail, but whenever there’s an opportunity to talk about the future, begin a discussion to make sure you are on the same page.

successful marriage

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It’s understandable that no two couples are on the same page 100% of the time. One of the keys to a successful marriage is learning how and when to compromise. There should never be a clear winner and loser. Planning a wedding can be a good ground to practice your skills in compromising!

successful marriage

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Money matters

One of the biggest areas of disagreement with married couples is finances. Before you walk down the aisle, discuss your relationship with money. Are you a big spender? Are you obsessively frugal? You will need to talk about what your financial goals might be as a couple, whether it be to save for a house deposit, or pool funds for a big overseas adventure. Being on the same page when it comes to money will help you to work toward the other goals you set together.

successful marriage

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Your tribe

You are selective when you choose who you would like to celebrate your wedding day, and you should continue to assess who you keep in your circle throughout married life. Surround yourself with friends and family who love and support you as a couple, and you will have a strong support network to call upon whenever you hit a rocky patch.

successful marriage

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Never assume

No matter how well you know your partner, it is best to always ask how they are feeling and what their thoughts are when situations arise. Even when things are going well, never assume they know how much you love them – tell them as often as you can. The power of positive will always overcome the negative.

successful marriage

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Seek help

If you are finding it hard to talk about some of the more serious aspects of your future marriage, go to a counsellor or seek the help of a trusted parent or friend who might be able to help you with ways to open the lines of communication.

successful marriage

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Don’t feel like you can plan everything

While it is all well and good to talk about your hopes for the future of your marriage, the unexpected can and does happen. The key to weathering these unexpected events is a strong foundation, and if you have been working together as a united team, you will be able to work your way through almost anything.

successful marriage

Maybe you can’t plan your marriage to a T, but you can plan your wedding! Create your ‘To Do’ list today!


Things no one tells you about eloping

Things no one tells you about eloping

Picture this: You and your fiance are happy, relaxed and standing on a remote beach staring into each other’s eyes as you declare your love for one another and say ‘I Do’. It is intimate, it is romantic and it is the epitome of what elopement is all about.


See more of this gorgeous Aussie elopement here.

If this sounds like something that you would love to recreate with your fiancé in lieu of an elaborate affair, there are some things you should know first. They are often things that are left out of the romanticised versions but are important considerations when planning an elopement.


Sissy and Marco’s Aussie elopement was so beautiful! See more here.


Yes, there is some involved. The reason being that for a marriage to be recognised, you will need to have filed for a marriage license at least a couple of months before. So, while a spontaneous weekend ceremony can seem thrilling, it won’t be legally recognised until the paperwork has been processed – meaning a likely visit to a government building to sign documents in the near future.

If you are planning an international elopement, it would pay to research the document requirements and lead times to receive your marriage license and certificate to ensure that everything is in order and your marriage will be recognised in Australia. (Unfortunately for same-sex couples, marriages that are legal in some parts of the world are not yet honoured in Australia.)


See more of the gorgeous elopement here.

It will still cost money

One of the major attractions of an elopement is that it can be a little lighter on the hip pocket. But that doesn’t mean there are no expenses involved. Even if you are getting married locally, you might still want to stay somewhere special on the night before as well as your wedding night, buy a wedding outfit and enjoy a romantic meal together. Luckily there are businesses that specialise in elopements and can organise packages that include accommodation, a ceremony location, celebrant, and meals.

On the flipside, eloping doesn’t mean that you have to go without. If you still crave a luxurious wedding day minus all the guests, you can most definitely make that a reality.


Elle and Milad spent their wedding day on a gorgeous mountaintop!

Photos are important

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking a passerby or your celebrant to snap a few photos on your smartphone for you, there is a lot to be said for hiring a professional photographer to capture the day for you. Your wedding may be smaller and free of a lot of the bells and whistles of a large affair, but it is still your wedding day – something you will want to have a beautiful record of to cherish for years to come. They will also become something of a brag book for the friends and family who weren’t there and who will be asking you a million questions about the event.

elopement ideas

See more of Julia and David’s gorgeous wedding photographs!

Expect hurt feelings

Whether you choose to tell a select few people about your upcoming nuptials or decide to slip away in full stealth mode, chances are there will be some hurt feelings when people realise they missed the opportunity to celebrate your wedding day with you. Do not feel a need to apologise to them, you did what you did because it was right for you, but reassure them that it was not done to cause offense in any way and then placate them by whipping out that magnificent photo album you have of the magical day. Not everyone will understand your choice, but the majority of those who would have been your guests will likely be surprised and then extremely happy for you.

elopement ideas

Nicole and Ryan escaped to Seoul for their amazing elopement.

Plan the announcement

Think of this as a sort of invitation-planning exercise. Make a list of who you would have invited to the wedding and make an effort to contact them, either on the phone or over email depending on your relationship with them, to announce your news. If your parents were completely in the dark, it’s best to start with them first, followed by siblings and grandparents. The most important thing is to ensure you have personally contacted your nearest and dearest before posting a generic announcement onto social media – people would be much more excited to hear it from you directly.

elopement ideas

Karen and Allen pre-planned their announcement!

Don’t expect gifts

Because you are most likely surprising your friends and family with your marriage, it would be unfair to ask them for gifts for the occasion. Sure, some might still like to give you something, but don’t expect it.


Julia and David’s amazing elopement!

Celebrate… if you want to

Of course, you and your fiance will enjoy some magical time together during your elopement, but once the news is out, your friends and family might want to celebrate with you. You may have already planned to host a delayed reception to accommodate this, but if you really want to downplay the event, you could suggest an informal get-together at a venue where anyone can come along and pay their own way.

elopement ideas

Karen and Allen had a beautiful ceremony with only a few people present.


Weddings hijacked: wedding guest horror stories

Weddings hijacked: wedding guest horror stories

Ever been present at a wedding that’s been hijacked and ransacked by a rogue guest? Redditors share their wedding guest horror stories with us, and while we’re appalled, we’re also not surprised at the behaviour some ‘family’ and ‘friends’ exhibit on what’s supposed to be someone’s best day of their life.

wedding guest horror stories

Create and customise your guest list today

Who’s the bride again?

Reddit user aquaneer shared her frustration at her father in law. During the father of the groom speech, the groom’s Dad consistently referred to the bride by an ex-girlfriend’s name. He slurred through his toast, speaking fondly of Mark and ‘Alyssa’s’ budding romance. While this seems all on board, the bride’s name was not Alyssa. The marrying couple had been together for 7-9 years by then, and still the bride’s name was forgotten.

wedding guest horror stories

“And YOU Alyssa, I love you like a dawwwghter.”

“God bless the mash potatoes”

Reddit user cant_spel shared her brother’s interesting toast at her wedding. While usually her brother is a genuine and friendly guy that everyone likes, on this occasion he had been drinking heavily. His speech included ramblings and thank-you’s to his grandparents and parents for “doing what they did”, because if it weren’t them, none of the kids would even be getting married.

If that wasn’t awkward enough, he then mumbled “God bless the mash potatoes.” and performs a mic-drop. Classy, and slightly hilarious.

wedding guest horror stories

“I think I love the mashed potatoes more than you.”

Phantom party pooper

Reddit user pithulu, a few weeks out from her wedding, realised her wedding venue hadn’t been in contact to quote the exact total to be paid. When her husband-to-be rang to enquire about payment, the venue said, “Nothing? You cancelled the wedding.”

The venue confirmed that the person who cancelled used her fiance’s name and contact number, and cancelled their booking. Because of this, the couple suspect the phantom party pooper was someone in his own family.

While no resolution was offered by pithulu, we’re guessing they got married in the end? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

wedding guest horror stories

“Yes hello my name is Darren Doonrodden and I’d like to cancel my wedding.”

Attention hungry mum

A reddit user (whose account has since been deleted) woke up on her wedding day excited and ready to go. Her fiance received a text that very morning: his mother, overnight, had dyed and cut her hair the exact same colour and style as the bride. While this is usually enough to send brides into a tizz, the offending mother of the groom then faux-fell onto the bride mid ceremony, drawing attention to herself and almost sending the bride into the nearby lake. Needless to say, the two no longer speak.

wedding guest horror stories

“It’s my day too, biatch.”

Monster of the bride

Reddit user kayechan complained about her mother’s domination of her wedding. Kayechan’s mother offered to pay for the entire wedding, and although this was initially a lovely and generous gesture, her mother soon took over ALL the wedding planning. The dress was the mother’s choice, along with the venue, the preacher, and the bridesmaid dresses. And the best part? Only her mother’s friends were invited. The wedding day was taken from the bride, and became all about her mother. The couple are now saving up and planning a do-over, without the mother.

wedding guest horror stories

“I think WE look great in this.”

DJ take over

Reddit user OverEasyGoing attended a friends’ wedding which was upstaged by their DJ. The DJ interrupted the reception to propose to his own girlfriend, who happened to be a waitress at the wedding venue. He didn’t even check this was okay with the bride and groom, and basically judged an audience full of strangers was the best place to make a fool out of himself.

wedding guest horror stories

“So anyway… Here’s Wonderwall.”


Playing Cupid: Real arranged marriage stories

Playing Cupid: Real arranged marriage stories

We here at Easy Weddings accept all love and marriage, whether it stems from affection for one another or arranged by the respective families. While we all acknowledge arranged marriages exist in certain cultures, our true understanding of the topic can fall short. We’ve compiled real arranged marriage stories primarily from India, to further broaden our knowledge and truly welcome other traditions into Australian culture.

arranged marriage stories

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Casting Agent required

Cynth Chan, Quora Digest

Cynth Chan responded to a question on Quora Digest, telling of her friends’ arranged marriage. Her friend (let’s call her Mili) was 23, a dental student, and single. 23 is the ideal age to get married in Urban India, so Mili’s parents set about hiring an agent to find any appropriate suitors. Their check list included: Someone in the dental or medical field, preferably of the same caste or of higher caste, from the same village or state, and older than the girl.

After nine months of texting and calling the chosen candidate (let’s call him Ram – a 30 year old practitioner), the two finally met at Mili’s home. The wedding date was set after their first meeting, and the two were married within a few months.

While Cynth Chan specified that the two had yet to consummate their marriage 6 months into being wedded, she also believes they had fallen in love with one another and were content with married life.

arranged marriage stories

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Online matrimonial service

Padma Rangarajan, Quora Digest

Padma Pangarajan herself had an arranged marriage. Padma met her now husband on an Indian matrimonial website. While she lived in India, he lived in the US. He found her profile and contacted her himself – which is unheard of in Indian culture. Usually it is the parents who do the arranging and the initial contacting. The respective parents approved however, as the two’s horoscopes matched.

The two spoke online and on the phone for a few months before Padma’s husband-to-be came to meet her. After the meeting, the parents discussed with one another: “My son likes your daughter; he has refused to meet anyone else. Are you willing to proceed?”

Eight months later the two were married. While the relationship began as a friendship, within a year it blossomed into love. They’ve now been together eight years, and according to Padma, wouldn’t change a thing.

arranged marriage stories

While this was not an arranged marriage, click here to see more of this stunning traditional Indian #RealWedding

Eventual love

Neha Saraswat, Quora Digest

Neha Saraswat had an arranged marriage. She and her now husband met officially only two times before being wedded – their first meeting, and when they got engaged. Of course, the two met in secret during their courtship – though only in his city as he was too scared of his parents to travel to her city.

Neha Saraswat says it’s down to pure luck that she chose the first suitor she met. While the first years were rocky – the two did not love each other, and found the family pressures suffocating – love eventuated, and the couple discovered the importance of having one another.

10 years on, and Neha is happy in her marriage. She believes she couldn’t have married a better person, and they (now) love and respect each other unconditionally.

arranged marriage stories

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But what about those who are not so lucky?

Unlucky in love

Sometimes, even pursuing an arranged marriage can be fruitless.

An anonymous contributor asked Quora: why have I been rejected in all potential matrimonial alliances what were proposed to me if I am a 27 year old woman, a post-graduate medicine student, and reasonably good looking?

Though this should usually come as a compliment, Quora responders suggest this woman’s rejection stems from her being ‘above average’. Apparently, her credentials could be scaring off potential suitors, who may only be seeking an ‘average woman’ to settle down with. Someone that doesn’t make them feel ‘inadequate’ in comparison.

Back to the matrimonial website then, I suppose.

arranged marriage stories

While this was not an arranged marriage,


Alternative wedding night ideas for the adventurous

Alternative wedding night ideas for the adventurous

While previously we disappointed you by laying down the truth of what REALLY happens on your wedding night, we’ve decided to cut you some slack and help you out. Here are five great alternative wedding night ideas for the adventurous.

I could lay in bed all day today

Let’s get down to BUSINESS

… Just kidding.

Kick on

Are you Cinderella? Looks wise – perhaps. But the difference is, you (possibly) won’t turn into a pumpkin at midnight, so why end the celebration there? Your friends are already all together, and apparently incredibly boozed up, so why not kick on into the early hours of the morning?

wedding night ideas

Sleep is for the WEAK

Bedtime appetite

To those with a dirty mind who think I’m insinuating something else – sorry to disappoint. I mean literally eat food in bed. You’ve probably spent the night mingling with guests, sucking in your belly, and pretending you’re not hungry “at all” – but just you wait. The ravenous boar looming beneath your polite composure is just waiting to unleash on its prey – a piece of wedding cake.

Get your caterer to make up a doggy bag with any leftovers, and engorge yourselves in the privacy of your bridal suite where nobody can judge your questionable eating habits. Alternatively, order room service or even duck to the local McDonald’s. What better way to end a (wedding) night out.

wedding night ideas

So full – I think I’m going blind.

Watch Netflix

Congrats! You’ve successfully transitioned into a state of food coma. Neither of you can speak, and the silence between you is only broken by raspy, heavy breathing. This is the perfect opportunity to crank out your favourite episode of ‘The Office’, lay as far away from one another as possible, and sporadically break into violent and somewhat painful belly laughs.

wedding night ideas

Don’t touch me.

Pass out

Unfortunately, some of us really do turn into pumpkins at midnight (dark circles under the eyes; a sallow, haggard look takes over your once supple face – you know what I’m talking about). When this happens, we pumpkins desperately need to remove ourselves from the public eye and slip into something more comfortable – like a coma.

wedding night ideas

Not tonight, honey.

Go clubbing (with or without spouse)

If you’re one of the unfortunate few who married a midnight pumpkin (our condolences), you may want to leave the sleeping to them and step out for a cheeky night on the town. Grab your bridesmaids or groomsmen and hit the clubs (with or without your new spouse). It is your wedding night, after all. Go wild!

wedding night ideas

Mr. and Mrs. who?


5 hen’s night games you’ll love!

5 hen’s night games you’ll love!

If you get a bunch of girls together for a hen’s night to celebrate the upcoming marriage of their beloved friend you know fun will be had. But organising a couple of hen’s night games to get your girls in the mood never hurt. However, hen’s night games don’t all have to be crass. Here are five classy games to get the drinks and giggles flowing!

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Walk down memory

All you need for this game is some pieces of paper, some pens and a jar or bowl to put the paper in. In this game, each of the guests are asked to anonymously write down a memory they have of the bride-to-be. These memories can be anything from a sweet childhood memory together or a hilarious drunken tale from her single days. Once everyone has written down a memory, all the pieces of paper are placed in either a jar or bowl. The bride-to-be has to then read each of them out and guess who has written what. This is a fantastic way for all the guests to get to know the bride-to-be a little better and of course have a laugh!

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Bridal Pictionary

This beloved classic game will inspire a fun competitive edge amongst your guests. Play the game the same way you normally would, however, to make the game more hen’s night specific, change up the drawing words and make them wedding and hen’s party themed.

Adult Coloring Books


This game is a fun way to see how well the bride-to-be knows her future spouse. Grab a quiet word with the significant other before, asking them a list of questions and writing down their answers. At the hen’s party these same questions are asked of the bride-to-be to see how many answers she can get right. All the guests can have a laugh as the bride-to-be racks her brain to get the answers right.

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Who said what?

This is a trivia game to see how well the guests know the engaged couple. Statements said by both people are given to all the guests and it is their job to guess who has said what. The guest with the most right answers wins.

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Toilet Paper Couture

This is everyone’s chance to design a dress they think the bride-to-be should be wearing on her special day. All that is needed for this game is toilet paper and lots of it! The group should break off into smaller groups and within their group, a model must be picked. The others then get to work, designing wedding day couture out of the toilet paper. This is definitely a game where the more photos taken, the better! At the end, the bride-to-be judges the dresses and picks a winner.

Hands drawing a clothing design sketch

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way for a hen’s party to have a bit of fun on the town. Split the group into two groups. Each group has a list of tasks to complete and a time limit to complete them in. Classic scavenger hunt tasks can be mixed in with ones that are more hen’s night themed, like get a man’s tie or get a hug from a police officer. Photographic evidence of each task once complete is a must! When the two groups meet up at the end you can swap stories and laughs about your recent adventure!

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Incorporate any of these games into your hen’s night and you and your guests are sure to have fun for hours!