4 Tips for Cost-Effective Online Marketing

Organized online marketing campaigns aren’t difficult to coordinate and they don’t have to cost a lot. When done properly, they can generate sales and traffic faster than SEO and social media marketing. While it takes research and knowledge of the target market, it’s possible to craft a simple online marketing campaign in a day or two. By following these tips, business owners can create a plan that can be implemented quickly.

Define the Ideal Customer

Finding the perfect customer is just as important as choosing a business name or selecting products. A business plan should include a marketing plan, from a selling proposition to ad planning, to be effective. Once the target customer is found, the business owner will know how to write compelling sales copy and where to put it.

Decide Where to Put Ads

After finding the right customer and creating a sales message, it’s time to decide where to place advertisements. If ads are placed on sites that the ideal customer frequents, visibility and message retention can increase substantially. When deciding on web placement, marketers should consider factors such as external linking, search engine placement and traffic.

Consider PPC

PPC or pay-per-click advertising is another great way to bolster an online marketing campaign. For those new to PPC, it’s best to stick with vendors such as AdWords, which allow users to set a daily expenditure limit. Within the confines of such a program, new marketers can find the most effective keyword by tracking various metrics.

Monitor Conversion Rates

Conversion rates are some of a marketer’s best measuring tools, but they’re useless if the marketer doesn’t know which parts of the marketing campaign to measure. Conversion rate is the number of clickthroughs required to achieve a goal. For instance, if a page has 100 hits, 14 clicks and a sale per day, the conversion rate is 7.1%. Simply put, just over seven percent of clicks result in a sale.

Successful campaigns are attainable by online businesses of all sizes and budgets. By following the tips above and making a commitment, marketers can create cost-efficient campaigns with a high ROI. Users can learn about it on Facebook for more online marketing tips.